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Send Message

message_activity1 In a business process, the Send Message activity is used to notify customers and employees about any events via SMS. For example, you can configure an automatic notification about an order being transferred to the shipping company. Also, you can use it to let your staff know when they are assigned an important task.              


Set up the connection

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can set up SMS notifications.

конец внимание

In order to enable SMS notifications in a business process, you have to configure connection settings first. To do that, go to Administration > Integrations > SMS.

The functionality of SMS-mailing depend on the capabilities of the provider and may differ in each case.


Notification settings


When the connection is established, you can set up the Send message activity in business processes. To do that, drag the Send message item to the process diagram. You will find it in the Integrations tab of the right menu.

Let's take the Order Processing process as an example. When the order is complete and ready to ship, we need to notify the client about it. To do this, add the Send message activity immediately after the Order completion task.


Double-click on the item to open settings and fill out the form:



  • Name*. Specify the activity name displayed on the process diagram.
  • SMS Servive*. Select the service from the drop-down list.
  • Recipients*. Specify a context variable that stores the client's phone number or an employee that has to be notified.
  • Message*. Enter all the necessary details. With process variables, you can add the order number, delivery date, and so on. To add a variable, click on the plus symbol + in the right corner of the field.


Error Handling tab

An error may occur when sending the notification, for example, if ELMA365 fails to get access to the external service. Decide how the system should behave in this case.

Go to the Error handling tab.



  • Retry. Enable this option if you want ELMA365 to try sending the notification again.
    • Number of retries. How many attempts should the system make.
    • Retry delay (sec). The amount of time ELMA365 should wait between attempts.
  • Notification. Select this option to inform particular users about the error. You can select the current executor, context variable, for example, the initiator, as well as a group or an org chart item. Please note that the current user is the person who completed the task located prior to the send message activity on the diagram.
  • Interrupt. In case of an error, ELMA365 will not attempt to send the notification again and will resume the process. You need to select a connector to specify which process branch should be activated.


After you specify all the settings, click Save and publish the process.

Now, as soon as the process reaches a certain point, an SMS notification with the specified text will be sent to the client's phone.


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