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Business process context

The process context is all the data that is created, changed and stored during the execution of a particular process. For example, information about participants, files, executors comments, contractors, forms, etc. This data is stored in variables, whose values are defined either by the users during the process, or automatically by the system.

To view the list of all context variables, in the Administration > Business Processes section, click on the process name, and then go to the Context tab.



  • Display name. The name of the variable that is used on the form of the task, the start event, etc.
  • Property name. The name of the variable that is used when working with the API, forms, etc.
  • Type. The type of data that the variable stores.
  • Search and sort. If you select this option, the value of the variable can be used as a search parameter of the process.
  • Full-text search. If you select this option, the variable value will be used in the full-text search.

How to add a context variable

There are several ways to create a new variable:

  • On the Context tab, in the upper right corner, click on the + Add button


  • In the settings of the Task or the Start event. Click the Form tab and in the upper left corner click on the + Add button. Variables added in this way will also be displayed on the Context tab.


  • In addition, context variables can be created in the settings of some graphical elements. For example, in swimlanes or statuses, where the variable defines the parameters of these elements.

After you click on the + Add button, a pop-up will open. Fill out the fields to create a variable:


  • Display name*. The name of the variable that will be displayed on the forms of tasks, events, etc.
  • Property name*. The name of the variable that will be used when working with APIs, scripts, etc.
  • Tip. Here you can specify additional information about the variable. For example, how its value is set.
  • Type*. The type of data that the variable stores. For each data type, you can specify additional parameters, so the set of fields in the lower part of the window may vary. Read more about data types in this article.

начало внимание

Once the process is published, you will not be able to change the type of the context variable.

конец внимание

To edit the variable, double click on its name in the Context tab.

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