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Group chat

A Group chat is a chat with at least three participants. This is a great way to synchronize work in a team, stay up to date with the latest events, share files and quickly resolve work issues.

Start a group chat

A group chat is created from a chat with one person. To start chatting with several people at the same time, first, you need to create a private chat (you can learn more about how to do this in Chats). Then, use one of the methods described below:


  • In the upper right corner, click on the plus chat icon

GC 1

In the search box, start typing the name of a new participant in the conversation. In the drop-down list that opens, select the name of the person you want to add to the chat.

gc 2

You can also click on the magnifying glass glass chats icon in the right corner of the search box to view a list of all users of the system and select new participants (their names will appear under the search bar).

gc 3


  • Another way to create a new group chat is to use @mentions. In the message field @mention the name of a user who has not yet joined the conversation. You will receive an automatic message that will let you start a new group chat.

gc 4

Manage a group chat

Any participant can add and remove people from the chat, change the chat name, enable or disable notifications.

Add or remove participants

You can always find out who exactly participates in the conversation if you click on the number of participants to the right of the chat name. To invite a colleague to a chat or remove someone from the current conversation, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Open the list of chat participants and click on the Edit button below the user names.

gc 5

  • Click the plus chat icon in the upper right corner of the chat.
  • In the comment, @mention the person you want to invite to the conversation. You will be prompted to add him or her to the current chat.gc 6

Rename a group chat

The name of any group chat by default consists of the names of people participating in the conversation. However, this is not always convenient. To easily find a conversation, it is preferable to give it a meaningful name.

To rename a chat, click on the pencil pensil icon next to the number of participants, the name will become editable.

gc 7

If you want to disable pop-up notifications on new messages, click on the speaker icon speaker  to the right of the chat name.

Hide or delete a group chat

You can hide or delete a chat when you no longer need it. Right-click on the chat's name and select the appropriate option:

  • Hide chat. The chat will be hidden from your list but will still remain available to all the other participants. As soon as someones sends a new message to the chat, it will re-appear in your list.
  • Delete and leave chat. The chat will be deleted from your list completely. You will be removed from the list of participants and will not receive any new messages.

Messaging in group chats

You send and receive messages in group chats in the same way as in a private chat. To learn more how to share files in chats, receive alerts about new messages and search in a chat, see Chats.

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