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Chats and channels are used to facilitate internal communications in a company. However, there are some differences between them. Channels are primarily a tool for informing employees about important events in the company life. Whereas chats are used for personal interaction between employees, timely exchange of important data, coordination of activities, discussions of work issues.

Create a chat

There are several ways to start a conversation with a coworker in a chat.

  1. Use the search box. Go to the Messages section, in the search box for channels and chats, enter the first few letters of the name and select a person from the drop-down list.


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  1. Click on the user's avatar. When reading the news in the Activity stream or in a channel, you can quickly start a personal conversation with a colleague by clicking on his or her avatar and selecting the option Send message.

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  1. In the same way, you can start a chat from the task page.

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All your personal chats are displayed in the Messages workspace. Your recent chats are shown right under the #Activity stream.

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Share files

In a conversation with your colleagues, you can easily share files, such as presentations, documents, or photos.

To do this, click on the paperclip icon paperclip in the right corner of the comment field and select the file on your computer.

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After you upload the file, it will appear next to your message in the conversation.

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To preview the file, simply click on its name in the chat window. In the preview mode, you can print the file out or save it to the local computer. Read more about how to share files in this article.

New message notifications

With notifications, you will never miss important messages and will be able to timely resolve all the issues that might arise.

There are several ways to find out that someone wrote to you in the chat:

1. Pop-up windows. When you receive a new message, a pop-up window will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it to go to the chat.

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Even if the browser window with ELMA365 is minimized, you will always stay up to date with push notifications.

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You will receive push notifications only if you allow the system to send them to you. More information about push notifications setting can be found here.

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2. New message counters. If your colleague sends you a message in a chat or channel, you will see a red circle with a number inside:

  • In the Messages workspace, to the right of the name of a person who has sent you a message.

chats 9

  • On the main page, next to Messages.

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The counter on the main page and next to the letter icon does not show how many new messages you received, but indicates the number of chats or channels with unread messages.

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Silent mode

If messaging in any chat does not require your immediate response, or you don’t want pop-ups to distract you from an important task, simply switch the chat to silent mode. To do this, go to the chat window and in the upper right corner click on the speaker icon.chats 11

You can invite other colleagues to the chat to discuss the issue together, coordinate plans or share information. To do this, click on the + icon in the upper right corner of the chat and in the window that opens, select new participants. You can read more about group chats in this section.

Find a chat

To quickly find a chat, start typing the user's first or last name in the search box in the Messages section. A drop-down list with prompts will appear below the box. Just click on the name of the person to go to the chat.

chats 12

To find a channel, click on the hash chats hash. In this case, you will see a list of all your channels.

chats 14

You can also click on the asterisk chats asterisk in the right corner of the search box. In this case, you will see a list of all your chats and channels.

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Often you need to find a message written by you or a person you are talking to. To do this, go to the chat through which you want to search. Then enter the phrase or word in the search box. In the drop-down list, select the option Search in this chat. chats 15

Matches found will be highlighted in dark yellow. To go to the next match, use the navigation buttons that appear in the right corner of the search box. chats 16

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