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@Mentions is a convenient way to attract a coworker's attention to a file, task or comment when messaging in a chat or a channel. If you mention a person, he or she gets a pop-up notification about your message.

How to mention people

To mention someone, you need to write his or her @name in the message field. Start by entering the @ symbol. A drop-down list with all system users will appear . Choose the person from the list or type the first few letters of their name to speed up the search.

For example, here’s what it will look like if you decide to mention a coworker in a channel:

mentions 1

You can also click on the @ icon in the message field or next to it, and then select a person from the list. For example, on the contract page it will look like this: mentions 2

Advantages of using @mentions

In a message with a @mention, the name of a user looks like a link to his or her page. This is very convenient in cases when you are messaging in a channel or a group chat. By clicking on the link, other participants can quickly send a personal message or assign a task to the mentioned user. mentions 3

Another advantage of @mentions is that the mentioned person will receive a pop-up notification even if he or she has muted the chat or channel. This way can promptly draw their attention to high-priority messages and quickly resolve urgent issues. chats 5

начало внимание

If in notification settings a user enables the Do not notify option, he or she will not receive pop-up notifications about new messages with @mentions.

конец внимание

Finally, by using @mentions you can quickly create a new chat or invite a new participant to an existing conversation. You will find more information about it in Chats.

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