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Share files in chats and channels

You can share files of any type with your coworkers. Simply attach them to comments in chats and channels.

Upload from computer

To share a file, drag it from the folder on your computer to the comment box or click paperclipand select the file to upload.

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Attached files are displayed next to your message in the conversation.

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ELMA365 allows you to quickly view text documents, Excel spreadsheets, .pdf files, and images without downloading them to your computer. To open a preview, simply click on the attached file.

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In preview mode, you can save the file to your computer or print it.

Quick download

You can quickly download a file without first opening a preview. Hover the mouse over the file and click save-file.

Free storage space

If the file storage does not have enough free space, you will not be able to upload and send the file to your colleagues. The amount of free space depends on the service plan that your company uses.

Only system administrators can manage free space and delete unnecessary files. To learn more, see Free storage space.

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