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Actions with folders

For easy navigation across folders, you can rename and move them, as well as add links to other folders. In addition, for each folder, you can configure specific access permissions.

There are two ways to open the list of available actions with folders:

  • Using breadcrumbs. Go to the Files workspace and open the folder you want to edit. Click the down arrow icon next to the folder name. In the menu that opens, select the action you want to perform.


  • In the list of folders. Click the three dots icon to the right of the folder name and select a specific action from the drop-down list.


Possible actions with a folder:

  • Manage Access. Select colleagues who will be able to view or edit the folder and its contents. You can read more about how to configure access here.
  • Move. Use this action to change the folder location, select this action, and then specify where the folder should be moved.
  • Rename. If you select this action, the folder name becomes editable.
  • Create Link. Folder links help you organize information and quickly find the files you need. Select this menu item and specify where you want to create a link to the current folder.
  • Add to Favorite. If you often work with a folder, add it to your favorites. This will allow you to easily and quickly navigate to the folder every time you need it.
  • Delete. If you don't use a folder anymore, you can delete it. Note that it must be empty. If there are some files inside, the system will not allow deleting the folder and will show a warning. A deleted folder cannot be restored.

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