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Access permissions to files and folders

Any organization has its hierarchy of authority that describes the responsibilities and powers of employees. Each employee has a specific role in the company and a level of access to information.

In ELMA365 you can specify who is allowed to view, edit or delete files and folders, as well as change their access settings.

How to manage access

You can change access settings if you are a system administrator, the author of a file or a folder, or if you are allowed to assign permissions.

In the list of files and folders, select an item and open the menu with available actions. To do this, click on the three dots icon to the right of the file or folder name.


Or, click the arrow icon next to the folder name in the breadcrumbs chain, and then select Manage access.


The window that opens is divided into two parts: parent folder permissions and specific permissions.


  • Parent folder permissions.

By default, all new files and folders inherit the permissions of the parent folder. They are displayed in the upper part of the window and cannot be edited, but you can deselect the option of inheriting parent permissions.

  • Specific permissions.

Here you can give access to a folder or document to someone else, except for the employees listed above. To do this, click on the + Add button. In the window that opens, select a user, a group of employees, or an item of an organizational chart.


Select an object, specify the access permissions and click Save.

Types of Access Permissions

Access permissions define actions that you and your colleagues can perform with a file or folder:


  • View/Read. Allowed to view the file/folder, as well as download file versions to the local computer.
  • Create. Allowed to create files in the current folder. This option is available only for folders.
  • Edit. Allowed to make changes to the file contents, add versions, rename and move folders/files, create links.
  • Delete. Allowed to move the file to the recycle bin. This option is not available for folders.
  • Assign Permissions. Allowed to give and restrict access to the file/folder.
  • Full Access. All the above actions are allowed.

начало внимание

By default, the following people have full access to the file or folder:

  • Administrator
  • Users who created the file or folder
  • Superior of the user who created the folder/file (according to the organizational chart)

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