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Copy an app

An administrator can copy a custom app. The copy will appear in the workspace’s left menu.

начало внимание

Copying is not available for built-in apps.

If a custom app has connections to global system objects, namely other apps, workspaces, or business processes, an error will occur during its copying.

конец внимание

To copy an app, do the following:

  1. Click the gear icon icon to the right of the app’s name and select Copy App.



  1. Click Copy.


  1. At the beginning of the export, the app’s connections to global system objects are checked. If such connections are found, a corresponding notification will open. Copying is not available until you manually remove all connections.

CA 3

If there are no such links, you will see the following notification:

CA 4

  1. Click Next. At this step, you can change the app’s name and URL, if necessary.

CA 5

  1. Click Next. The copy will be created.

The new app will appear in the left menu of the specified workspace. To edit its settings, click the gear icon icon next to its name.

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