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An app is an ELMA365 component intended for creating and storing app items and business processes. For example, the Contacts app stores data about legal entities, their addresses, phone numbers, etc. Each added company will be an item of this app.


You can associate business processes with an app. In this case, data stored in the app will be automatically sent to the tasks assigned to users during the process execution. On each process stage, employees will receive all the information that they need to perform their tasks and make decisions.  

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An app can only be created within a workspace.

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Built-in apps

ELMA365 includes default built-in apps located in built-in workspaces that are ready for use. These are:

  • System apps workspace: My legal entities and External users.
  • CRM workspace: Leads, Deals, Companies, and Contacts.

If you navigate to a built-in app’s page, a prefix underscore appears before its name in the address bar, for example: _clients/_contacts.

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You cannot export a built-in app as an individual system component, nor is it possible to copy or delete it. These actions are only available for custom apps.

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Export a built-in app

Exporting a built-in app is possible as part of a built-in workspace or a solution.
Specifics of export:

  1. If other apps and workspaces have links to a built-in app, they can be exported. Let’s say you want to export the Contracts workspace, which utilizes a contract approval business process that is associated with the built-in app Companies. During export and subsequent import of the workspace, there will be no issues since every company in ELMA365 has an identical built-in app. However, if a custom app not associated with the Contracts workspace is incorporated in the process, an error will occur during export.
  2. If you export a built-in app together with a built-in workspace as part of the solution, the processes and widgets that are on the workspace level will not be exported. However, all apps included in this workspace and all structures (processes and widgets) at the level of these apps will be exported. That is, the export of the built-in workspace as part of the solution will take place at the level of its apps.

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Using Global or Namespace constants in scripts restricts the export of system components. Read more about it in the Global constants in scripts article.

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Actions with apps

In an app, you can:

To learn more about apps, read these articles:


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