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Export an app

You can export an app to move it from one company to another.

Please note, that:

A system app cannot be exported as a separate system component. It can be exported as part of a workspace or solution and has its own features and limitations. If other apps and workspaces have links to the system app, they can be exported.

If a custom app has links to global system objects, namely other apps, workspaces, or business processes, an error will occur when exporting it.

Using Global or Namespace constants in scripts restricts the export of system components. Read more about it in the Global constants in scripts article.

When you export an app, all of the following items are exported:


All of these elements will be imported with the app to the other company.

Export an app

To start exporting an app, click gear icon next to its name and select Export App.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can export apps.

конец внимание  


In the window that opens, click Start Export.

Step 1.Check the app

At the first export step, the app is checked for links to global system objects.

If such links are detected, a corresponding notification is displayed. You will not be able to export the workspace until the links are removed manually.

You will also see a warning if the app scripts have optional dependencies from other workspaces or modules. Such dependencies do not prevent export, but the correct operation of the scripts is not guaranteed when the app is imported later.


If there are no links to global system objects, the following notification is displayed:

EA 3

To continue export, click Next.

Step 2. Export the app

Enter the app’s name and description.

EA 4

  • Name*. Specify the name of the app.
  • Description. Describe the features and specifics of the app.

Click Next to continue export.

The app will be exported to a file. To save the file to your PC, click on the link in the provided window.

Later you will be able to import the file to another company.

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