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Edit project plan tasks

If you want to make changes to a project plan, open it in the editing mode.

Edit, delete, or restore a project plan task

In the task list, you can do the following:

  1. Edit task data in the table columns. To do that, click the cell you want to edit and enter new information. To quickly move from one column to another, use the Tab key. To save the changes, press Enter.
  2. Use the task context menu. To do that, hover over its name and click the three dots icon. Select what you want to do:
    • Open the task form to edit it.
    • Add a subtask (available only for stage tasks).
    • Delete a task.
    • Restore a task deleted in the current draft before it is published. To show these tasks in the plan, enable the Show deleted option.


If an assignment of the Task or Milestone type is deleted, it is assigned the Canceled status. Such tasks can be viewed in Tasks > Project tasks, on the All tab. It will be crossed out.

Change dates in the Gantt chart

You can edit a task’s start and end dates directly on the chart. To do that, simply drag the corresponding colored bar to the desired spot in the chart. To adjust the start and end dates, drag the left or right border of the task bar to a particular date.

Reorder tasks

You can reorder tasks in the list and set the parent-child relationships between them. Note that you can only nest other tasks in Stage tasks. To do that, simply drag a task into a Stage task in the list on the left.

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