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Edit project plan tasks

Edit, delete, restore a project plan task

In the table on the left-hand side of the chart you can edit the project plan tasks. To edit a task, click on a cell in the table and introduce the changes. Use the Tab key to quickly switch between columns. To save the changes, press Enter.

If you want to open the task edit form in a separate window, click on the pencil icon next to its name or double-click on the task itself.

To delete a task, click on the recycle-bin-icon-2 icon to the right of its name and confirm your action.

If the Show deleted option is enabled, you can restore a deleted task by clicking reestablish-icon.

Change dates in the Gantt chart

You can edit the task dates in the right-hand side of the chart where the tasks are represented as colored bars. To move a task simply drag it to the desired spot in the chart. To adjust the start and end dates, drag the left or right border of the task bar to a particular date.

Reorder tasks

You can reorder the tasks in the task list and set the parent-child task relationships. To do that, select a task and drag it to a new place in the list. Also you can drag one task into another to create a parent-child relationship.

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