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Link project plan tasks

You can define the order in which tasks are executed and set up a calendar plan. To set this behavior up, determine the dependencies between tasks. Then, if the dates of one task change, other tasks are also rescheduled.

To set up dependencies, select a task’s colored bar in the Gantt chart. Icons will appear on either side of the bar. Click one of the icons and, holding down the left mouse button, draw a line to the beginning or end of a task you want to link:

Using this method, you can create the following types of dependencies:

  • Start > Start. The linked task starts simultaneously with the main one or later. Such tasks can be executed in parallel.
  • End > Start. The linked task starts as soon as the main task is completed or later. Linked tasks will be executed one after the other. If the linked task is a Process, it will run as soon as the main task is finished, not later.
  • End > End. The linked task ends simultaneously with the main task or later. For example, quality assessment can be completed together with the assessed work or later, but not before.
  • Start > End. The linked task will end simultaneously with the beginning of the main one or later. For example, it is only possible to complete work when the needed materials are delivered, not before.

To delete a dependency, double-click on a line between two bars and confirm the action.

In order to make the project plan management easier, the Auto-scheduling option is enabled by default. It allows automatically rescheduling linked tasks: when the first task is rescheduled, the dates of the following task are also adjusted.

If you begin making a project plan starting from the end, enable the Reverse auto-scheduling option. In this case, when you move a dependent task back in the calendar, the date of the main task will also change. To manage these options click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the project plan.

When you link all tasks in the project plan, save and publish it. Read more in Publish project plan.

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