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Link project plan tasks

When you have created a list of tasks, you can define their sequence and set up a calendar plan. Then, if the dates of one task change, the other tasks are also rescheduled. To set this behavior up, determine the dependencies between tasks.

To set up dependencies, select a task in the list. On the diagram, you can see dependency symbols on both sides of the task bar. Left-click and hold a symbol to drag it and draw a line:

  • draw a line from the start of one task to the start of another task so that these tasks are executed at the same time;
  • draw a line from the end of  one task to the start of another task so that the tasks are executed one after another.


To delete a dependency, double-click on the line and confirm your action.

In order to make the project plan management easier, the Auto-scheduling option is by default enabled. It links the task dates automatically: when the first task is rescheduled, the dates of the following task are also adjusted.

If you are arranging the tasks starting from the end of the project, enable the Reverse auto-scheduling option. In this case, when you move a dependent task back in the calendar, the date of the main task also changes. To manage these options click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the project plan.

After you have arranged all the dependencies, save and publish the project plan. To learn more, see Publish project plan.

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