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Create a project

To create a new project, go to the Projects page and click +Project in the top right corner. Fill out the form that appears.


  • Name*. Enter a name for the project.
  • Use as a template*. Select Yes if the project will be later used as a template for other projects. If you select No, the Template project field appears.
  • Template project. Select a project that you want to use as a template for the new project. The published plan of that project will be copied as the draft of the new project’s plan.

Note that if the project you are creating is not used as a template or based on a template, its plan is approved according to the general settings configured for all projects without templates.

  • Start date*. Enter the start date of the project.
  • Completion date. Enter the completion date.
  • Description. Enter a brief description of the project.
  • Project Manager*. Select the person who is responsible for creating and editing the project plan.
  • Project Supervisor. Select the person who oversees the project. The supervisor can edit the main information about the project on its page.
  • Use the business calendar. Enable this option to use information from the business calendar in the project plan and when calculating the duration of tasks. If auto-scheduling is enabled, this option allows changing a task’s deadline to the first business day after a weekend if a weekend is specified as the new due date. It is also possible to hide weekends in a project plan to make it easier to work with it. Note that you can only enable this option when creating a project.

You cannot assign multiple users to the roles of Project Manager and Project Supervisor. These roles allow users to perform certain actions with the project. You can also specify Project Participants and Project Plan Editors. To learn more about access settings, se Set up access permissions and roles in Projects.

After filling out the form, click Save. The project appears on the Projects page.

If the project will be used as a template, it also appears on the Templates page. If project plan approval is set up in the system, contact the administrator to set the approval settings for the new template.

The new project will be assigned the Draft status.

To start working with the project, click on its name in the list. The project page will open.

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