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Project page

The project page is made up of widgets.


  • About the Project. This widget displays the information that was entered when the project was created. Here you can also open the current project plan and its older versions. If you want to edit the project info, click Edit. To edit access permissions, click lock-icon.
  • Project Activity Stream. A chat for discussing the project with your teammates. Also, all the system notifications regarding the project are displaed here. To learn more, see Associated activity stream.
  • Gantt Chart. This is where the project manager creates and edits the project plan. Other project participants can only view it. To learn more, see Project plan.
  • Project Files. Here you can add project-related documents, group them into folders, and perform other actions with files. When a new project is created, a separate folder for this project is created in the Files workspace. It is located in Company files > Projects. All the documents added on the project page are saved into this folder. The files have the same access permissions as the project itself.
  • My Project Tasks. Here employees can see their active tasks in all the projects that they participate in.

The administrator can edit the layout of the project page, add more widgets, create user fields. To learn more, see Set up the Projects workspace.

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