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Business process activities

An activity is an operation performed at a specific business process step. It looks and behaves like a BPMN graphic element. The user can drag it to the process diagram and configure it like other elements of the business process. Custom activities are needed to implement complex conditional logic. They can execute custom scripts or call a process created as a part of a module.

A configured activity will be available on the right-side panel of the business process designer, on the Integrations tab. It can be used in multiple business processes.

To set up a business process activity:

  1. Go to Administration > Modules.
  2. Hover the mouse over a custom module and click the gear icon.
  3. Go to the Business process activities tab.
  4. Click the +Activity button and enter the information in the window that opens.


  • Name*. Name of the business process activity.
  • Code*. Unique identifier required to use the business process activity in business processes.
  • Type. Select the type of activity:
    • Script. Executes a script at a certain step in the business process.
    • Call process. Starts a business process created on the Processes tab of the module.
    • Delegated activity. Sends data request from ELMA365 to an external service, processes them via Web API methods and returns the result.
  1. Click Save to go to the business process activity settings.

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