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Call process activity

This type of business process activity allows you to call a process configured on the Processes tab of the module.

Settings tab


On the Settings tab, specify:

  • Name. Name of the business process activity.
  • Default name. This name is displayed on the business process activity element when it is added to the business process diagram.
  • Activity color. The color of the activity shape on the process diagram.
  • Description. The description of the activity’s functionality and features.
  • Process. From the drop-down list, select the module process that you want to bind the activity to. The Update to the latest version of the process is used when input and output parameters of the process changed. Otherwise, you don’t need to update the process.
  • Outdated. When the module is updated, the activity can be marked as outdated. After that, it will no longer be displayed on the right-side panel in the business process designer. You will not be able to add an outdated activity to new business process diagrams. However, outdated activities will continue to work as usual in previously created processes.
  • Message if the activity is outdated. Text of the alert informing that the process includes outdated activities. This message is shown when a user publishes a process with outdated activities.
  • Number of retries in case of error. Specifies how many times the system will try to execute the activity.
  • Retry delay (sec)*. Defines the frequency of attempts.

Context tab

The context variables of the business process selected on the Settings tab are displayed here. You can mark variables as input, output, or required by checking the corresponding boxes.

  • Input parameters are the parameters that are filled in before activity is executed. You can use them to pass the values of context variables of the process that contains the business process activity.
  • Output parameters are the parameters that are filled after the business process activity is completed. They are passed to the context of the process that contains the activity or directly to the fields of the app associated with this process.

Once you specify all the required settings, save and publish the business process activity. After that the activity will be ready for use. It will be available on the right-side panel of the business process designer, on the Integrations tab.

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