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Import groups from AD/LDAP

You can distribute the imported internal users between groups that they belonged to in the other system.

  1. First, import the users to ELMA365 in Administration > Users. To learn more, see Import internal users from AD/LDAP.
  2. After you have imported the users, import the groups from AD/LDAP. To do that, go to Administration > Groups and click Import.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the server from which you want to import the groups. A list of groups will open. It features the name of each group, its description and status.
  4. Click Import all to import all the groups from the list. Or, you can select only certain groups and click Import to import just them. The imported internal users will be automatically added to the groups that they belonged to in AD/LDAP.


Please note that if the set of groups in AD/LDAP changes, you need to update the groups and users in ELMA365, too. To do that, go to AD/LDAP module settings and enable Auto-sync users and Auto-sync user groups. Alternatively, you can update the groups and users manually by clicking the Import button.  

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