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AD/LDAP User Import

If you have set up integration with AD/LDAP, you can import users from your LDAP server into ELMA.

Go to Administration>Users and click Import in the top right corner of the page.

In the drop-down list, select a server from which users will be imported.

A list of all the users will open.

The list contains Login, Full Name, Email, and Status parameters for each user.

Specify user groups to which the new users will be added on import.

You are ready to import users.

To import the whole user list, click Import All.

If you need to import certain users only, select them from the user list and click Import.

When a user is imported from AD/LDAP, it will be written on the user page, specifying the import date.


User import statuses

Besides standard user statuses, such as Active, Invited, and Locked, imported users have additional statuses.

Go to Administration>Users, click Import and select a server for import.

In the far-right column of the user list, you can see user statuses:

  • Not Imported. The users that are not imported yet from the selected server to ELMA365. They are marked with a white indicator.
  • Imported. The users that you have already imported. They are marked with a green indicator.
  • Locked. The users whose accounts are locked on the AD/LDAP server. They are marked with a red indicator.
  • Data mismatch. The users whose accounts exist both in ELMA365 and AD/LDAP and have a mismatch in some attributes, for example, a phone number. Such a record is marked with a yellow indicator.
  • Multiple sources. The users with the same login that have been imported from multiple AD/LDAP servers. Or the users with the same Email and different logins that have been imported from one AD/LDAP server. They are marked with a blue indicator.

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