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Import external users from AD/LDAP

Alongside the internal users, you can import external users into ELMA365. They will be able to interact with the external portal only.  

Do the following:

  1. In the AD/LDAP module settings enable the Import external users option and specify the parameters in the Path to external users and External users filter fields.
  1. Go to External users and click Import.
  1. In the drop-down list, select the server from which you want to import the users. You will see a list of all the users with their login, full name, email address, and status.
  1. Click Import all to import all the users from the list. Alternatively, you can select only particular users first and then click Import to import just them.
  2. Provide the imported users with access to the portal. To do that, go the to portal's page and click the gear icon.


  1. In the provided window, go to Authentication.
  1. In LDAP/AD settings, select the system from which you imported the users. Then specify the filter for external users that would correspond with the filter specified in integration module settings.

After that, the imported external users will be able to log onto the portal using their login and password from AD/LDAP.

Please note that if you do not specify a filter for external users, access will be provided to all the external users imported from all the servers added to the AD/LDAP integration module.

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