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Migration from ELMA365 Standard

For migration from Standard to Enterprise version perform the following operations:


  1. Back up Standard version data.
  2. Install Enterprise version on a new server.
  3. During the installation specify connection strings for external data storage.
  4. Activate the server license via a web browser.
  5. If the PostgreSQL database you are using is located on an external server, run the following command:


elma365ctl restore –prepare


This command stops ELMA365 services and prepares the system for the restoration procedure. Then you need to re-create the PostgreSQL database as described in the Creating external databases article.


  1. After that, run the following command:


elma365ctl restore --path=/path/to/backup


It will restore the data and start ELMA365 services. Once this job is finished, the system will be ready within minutes.


Migrate data storage to an external server


Sometimes when the system is already up and running you may need to migrate data storage to an external server. To do this, use the same procedure as the one described for migration from ELMA365 Standard.

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