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The Sidebar widget is a panel on the right of an app or task form. You can place other widgets inside of the sidebar, for example, App item status or Object activity stream.

You cannot add the sidebar to a regular page, however, you can place it on a page of the external portal.

Sidebar display settings

You can disable the display of the sidebar on app forms. To do that, open the interface designer and click an area on the modeling canvas that is empty of widgets.

In the right corner, the heading of the Modal window widget will appear. Click the gear icon next to it. In the window that opens, uncheck the Show sidebar box.

sidebar settings

Moreover, you can link the visibility settings of the sidebar with a context variable. In this case, the sidebar will only be shown when the variable has a certain value. To create a link, click the link icon icon and select a variable from the context. Read more in System widget settings.

To finish configuration, click Save.

To make the form available to users, click Save and Publish in the designer's toolbar.


In this example, the sidebar shows the following widgets: App item status, Associated tasks, and Object activity stream. They allow important information about the app item to be shown directly on its page.


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