Document management / Document categorization workspace

Document categorization workspace

Document Categorization is a system workspace where you can find all registered documents. By default, it consists of the Registered documents section and the Incoming, Outgoing, and Internal document flows. They allow you to conveniently search and sort the documents. The Registered documents section shows all registered documents of the company. The Incoming document flow contains the documents registered in the corresponding Folder.

The Offices, Categories, and Folders are located below them. They are created by the system administrator when configuring the Document categorization scheme.


Offices represent your company’s divisions, branches, or departments for document registration.

You can create Categories in the office. They help you to sort the documents by departments, projects, or the field of work.

You can create a Folder in the office or in the category. It allows you to store the documents of one type, for example, contracts. To go to the Folder settings, click on the gear to the right of its name. For more information on nomenclature settings, see the Document categorization scheme and Registration settings article.

начало внимание

Offices, Categories, and Folders can be set up in the Document categorization scheme.

конец внимание

Suppose you have the Contract 14 New Technologies document. It is stored in the Contracts app. Suppose it was created in the legal department of the head office. The accountant was assigned a task to register this contract. They selected the appropriate folder and clicked Register document.


The registration number has been automatically generated in accordance with the folder settings. After registration, it is displayed in the right pane of the document. By clicking on the number, you can view detailed information about the registration: document flow, folder, executor and registration date.


Search for registered documents

There is a search field at the top of the page. By default, the search is performed by registration number: type the number in the field and all matching documents will be shown below.

Additionally, search by parameters is available. To open it, click on the Pipeline_icon icon. A search form will appear.

Here you can search by the File name, Registration number and Start date fields.

The Registered by system field is also available. Enter the name of the user to view all the documents that are registered by him or her. If you want to see all the documents that you have registered personally, select the Current user option.

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