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Set up registration in document apps

In ELMA365 you can register files uploaded as items of Document-type apps. The registered documents are displayed in the hierarchy that you have set up when configuring document categorization that consists of offices, categories and folders.

Registration of app items is set up for each app individually. For example, you can enable it for the Agreements app but keep inactive for Memos.

To enable registration, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the app and click clip0083 to the right of its name.
  2. Select Registration in the provided menu.
  1. Check the Enable registration box.

  1. Configure registration settings:


  • Select folder for numbering*. Select one or several folders where the items of the app will be registered. You can select folders that belong to different offices. For instance, if the app stores documents of different kinds, specify all the folders that users might need to select when registering any of the documents. The registered documents will then appear in the document categorization.
  • Restrict registration. Select the appropriate restriction option:
    • No restrictions. All users who have access to the app can register documents. Registration is done via the Register Document button on the app item view form. This is the default setting.
    • In processes only. The document is registered in the course of a business process. Place the Register Document activity on the business process diagram and set it up. A task with a document registration form will be assigned to the executor specified in the swimlane where the activity is located.
    • Specified employees and business process participants. Select a user group, org chart item or a specific user who will be able to register documents directly on the app view form. Business process participants will also be able to register the documents. If the executor's swimlane on the business process diagram contains the the Register Document activity, the access permissions to register the document are granted automatically.
  • Enable reservation when creating app items. Select this option if you want a number to be reserved for this document before it is actually registered. It is available for folders where the Allow reserving registration number option is enabled.
    • Select the folder the number will be reserved in*. This is the folder that the number will be reserved in. The reserved number will be displayed when registering the document.

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