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User Profile settings

Each company employee has his or her own user profile. It contains contact information, date of birth, photo. In addition, in the profile, users can select the time zone, customize notification settings, enable the display of the CRM Tasks, connect an email to the system email client and download the desktop ELMA365 app.



To open a profile, in the upper right corner of any system page, click on the link with your name and select the option from the menu:

  • Settings. Edit your user profile, select time zone, change notification settings, etc.;
  • Help. Go to the Help Center, where you can find a detailed description of all system settings;
  • Tech Support. Access to the tech support chat. Please note that the chat is not available in the ELMA365 On-Premises;
  • Sign out. Sign out of your ELMA365 account;
  • UPS 7 This is your schedule compliance.


Click the Settings menu item to edit a user profile, select a time zone, set up notifications, enable the display of the CRM Tasks, connect an email to the system mail client and download the desktop ELMA365 app.

User Profile tab

This tab contains the user's personal data: name, photo, date of birth and contact information.


Settings tab

On this tab, you can choose your preferred interface language (English, Español, or Deutsch), select the time zone, and set up date format.  

The date format in ELMA365 is driven via the interface language settings. If you need to change it, choose your date format from the dropdown box.

The Time zone feature is especially convenient for those users who work remotely, being employed at branch offices located in another time zone, or often go to business trips.

When assigning tasks, the system automatically calculates the correct time.


Notifications tab

You can enable or disable pop-up notifications about new messages in chats or channels, as well as manage push notifications from the browser. Read the detailed instructions in the Personal Notification Settings article.


Tasks tab

On this tab, you can enable the Show CRM tasks separately from others option. In the left menu of the Tasks workspace, the CRM Tasks section will appear, which will include activities such as Call, Meeting, Webinar, Email.

The counter next to the CRM Tasks section shows the number of the pending CRM activities, taking into account the deadline for their completion.

By default, the counter shows activities whose due date is the same as the current day. The following options are also available:

  • Earlier. All pending activities assigned to the user before the current date.
  • Today. All activities set for the current date.
  • Tomorrow. Activities that must be completed the next day after the current date.
  • Week. Activities that must be completed within 7 days from the current date. Tasks for Today and Tomorrow are not displayed here.
  • Later. Activities that must be completed within more than 8 days from the current date.


Email tab

On this tab, users can connect their email to the integral ELMA365 email client. The incoming and outgoing emails will be displayed in the Email workspace. You will be able to correspond with clients and partners from the system interface. The entire history of interaction will be saved.

Integration can be configured with email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365. You can also synchronize mail with the corporate domain using the SMTP and IMAP protocols.

Read more about this in the Connecting an email to an account article.


ELMA365 for Desktop tab

You can use a desktop app for working in ELMA365. The desktop app interface is completely identical to the browser version, which means that you can switch between them easily without discomfort.

The following desktop applications are available:

  • desktop app for Windows
  • desktop app for macOS
  • desktop app for Linux 64 bit
  • desktop app for Linux 32 bit


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