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User profile settings

Each company employee has their own user profile. It contains the employee’s contact information, date of birth, photo, etc. In the profile, a user can set personal notification settings and task display, link an email address to the system’s email client, download the ELMA365 desktop application, and so on.

You can open your profile from any page. In the upper right corner, click on your name and select one of the options from the menu:


  • Settings. Here you can edit your user profile, select the time zone, change notification settings, etc.
  • Help. This option opens the Help Center, where you can find detailed information about all settings in the system.
  • Tech Support. This option provides access to the tech support chat in the cloud version of ELMA365 for users included in the Administrators group. If you are using ELMA365 On-Premises, click the Tech Support button on the main page to open the service portal providing support to the company.
  • Sign out. Sign out of your ELMA365 account.
  • UPS 7 This is your schedule compliance.


Click the Settings option to edit your user profile, select the time zone, set up notifications, connect an email to the system mail client, etc.

User Profile tab

This tab contains your personal data: name, photo, date of birth, and contact information. You can also add your messenger accounts.


Authentication tab

This tab is shown if you configured a custom OAuth2 authorization module. Here you can link an external service account to your system account so that you can log in to the system using its login and password.

To do that, click Link.

Note that you can link only one external account to your ELMA365 account and vice versa.

Settings tab

On this tab, you can change the time zone settings. This feature is especially convenient for users who telecommute, work in offices located in different time zones, or often go to business trips.

When tasks are assigned to you, the system automatically calculates the correct deadlines.

You can also change the interface language.


Notifications tab

You can enable or disable pop-up notifications about new messages for chats and channels, as well as manage push notifications in the browser. Read more in the Personal notification settings article.


Tasks tab

On this tab, you can manage the display of tasks assigned in the CRM workspace, enable email notifications about tasks, and configure task reminders.


  • Show CRM tasks separately from others. Enable this option to add the CRM Tasks section to the Tasks workspace. It will include tasks of the Call, Meeting, Webinar, and Email types assigned to you from the pages of deals, leads, and companies.

The counter in the Tasks > CRM Tasks section shows the number of unfinished CRM tasks. Specify the deadlines for tasks that will be counted:

    • Earlier. All unfinished tasks assigned to you before the current date.
    • Today. All tasks assigned for the current date. This option is selected by default.
    • Tomorrow. Tasks that need to be done until the next day after the current date.
    • Week. Tasks that need to be done within seven days from the current date.
    • Later. Tasks that need to be done within eight or more days from the current date.
  • Send email notifications about new tasks. Enable this option to receive notifications about new tasks to the email address used for registration in ELMA365. The notification will include the author of the task, its deadline, and the link to quickly open it in the system.
    • Approve by email. If you check this box, you will be able to complete approval tasks for files, document packages, and app items directly from the email notification you receive. You will be able to view the document and make a decision without opening the ELMA365 interface. Note that this option will not be available unless the company’s business email is connected in Administration > Email Settings. This email address will be used to send notifications about new tasks assigned to you.
  • Notify when the time left is X. Enable this option to get reminders about tasks with deadlines. Specify how long before the deadline you want to receive a notification to the #Activity stream.

Calendar tab

You can set up notifications about events created in the personal calendar. They will be shown in the activity stream.

Here you can enable the Event reminders option. In the field that opens, specify when you want to get notifications.


Email tab

On this tab, users can connect their email to the built-in ELMA365 email client. Incoming and outgoing emails will be displayed in the Email workspace. You will be able to contact clients and partners from the system interface. The entire history of interaction will be saved.

You can configure integration with several email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Office365. You can also connect an email with a corporate domain using the SMTP and IMAP protocols.

Read more about this in the Connect an email to an account article.


ELMA365 application tab

You can use a desktop application to work with ELMA365. The application’s interface is completely identical to the browser version, so you can switch between them easily and smoothly.

There are desktop applications available for different versions of the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.


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