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Register Document

register_doc1The Register Document activity is used to automatically or manually assign a registration number to a document during the course of a business process. Registration is available only for apps of the Document type.

Let’s take the "Invoices" app as an example. When registering an invoice, the employee enters all the necessary data into the system: the invoice file, the total amount, the desired payment date, the comment, etc. A new "Invoices" app item is created.

doc reg 1

Its page will contain all the entered data, and the registration number will be assigned by the system automatically, or the current executor will be assigned a task with the app item registration form.


Set up registration

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can configure the registration.

конец внимание


Firstly, make sure that registration is configured in your app of the document type.Turn on the registration and select a folder or several folders to number. Read more about this in the Document categorization scheme and Registration settings article.


Next, proceed to setting up the business process. On the process page, on the right panel, click the System elements tab. Drag the Document registration item onto the diagram and place it where you need to assign a registration number to the document during the course of the process.


Double click on the added shape to open the settings window.

doc reg 3


  • Document*. Specify a variable that will refer to the app that stores the desired document. If there is no variable in the process context yet, click the Create a new variable button. If the variable already exists, select it from the dropdown list. Note that you can only use the App (Document) type variables in the Document registration element;
  • Folder*. Specify the folder storing the Document;
  • Registration method. There are two registration types in the system:
    • Manually. A task with a document registration form will be assigned to the current executor specified in the swimlane;
    • Automatically. The system will register the document independently in the folder specified in the registration settings of the app whose business process you are configuring;
  • Allow selecting folder in the task. This option appears when you select the Manually registration method. This setting is convenient if documents of different types are stored in one app which must be registered in different cases. When the user receives the registration task, they will be able to independently select the appropriate folder.

doc reg 4


After you have specified all the parameters, click the Save button.

Note that there should be only one outbound connector from the Document registration element. Otherwise, the business process will not be compiled correctly and you will not be able to publish it.

Now, as soon as the process comes to this operation, the document will be registered in the system.

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