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Protect a solution with a password

When exporting a solution, you can protect it with a password. To unlock and change such a solution after import, the Administrator will need to enter the password.


The password restricts access to unlocking the solution and prevents it from being accidently unlocked by the users.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can protect a solution with a password.

конец внимание

Complete these steps to set the password for a solution:


  1. In the left menu on the main page, click the Workspace and solution settings.


  1. In the window that appears, switch to the Solutions tab.
  2. Click the Administration button next to the solution name and select Set password.


  1. Enter the password in the window that appears.
  2. Click Save.


Now, when importing the solution to another company, the password will be required to unlock it and get full access to its workspaces and app settings.


In the future, you can remove the password from the solution by clicking on Administration > Delete password in the Workspace and solution settings window.

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