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A solution is a set of different system components combined to perform general tasks. One solution may include modules, workspaces, pages, widgets, business processes, scripts, etc. For example, a business solution for organizing HR documentation may combine several workspaces, modules, and a configured external portal for interaction with external users.

In ELMA365 you can work with the following types of solutions:

  • System solutions;
  • Business solutions;
  • Custom solutions.

System solutions

These are ready-made Service, CRM, Projects and Document Management, solutions created by the vendor on the platform basis. They allow you to build communications with customers and sales, work with projects, and establish document management.

System solutions are included in the platform. Depending on the delivery, such a solution is activated by default, or it is enough to activate it, or you need to buy a license.

You can read about system solutions in the following Help sections:

Business solutions

These are ready-made solutions that can be imported into the system from the ELMA365 Store. They expand the range of tasks solved on the platform and system solutions. Business solutions are developed by ELMA365 and our partners.

You can read about business solutions in the ELMA365 Store solutions section.

To work with a business solution:

  1. Import it from ELMA365 Store.
  2. Unlock it.
  3. If you uploaded a paid business solution, activate its demo version for a trial period.

The installed business solution can be:

  • Updated by downloading a .e365 file with the current version of the solution from the catalog;
  • Deleted.

Custom solutions

You can create such a solution from scratch for your company.

If you want to transfer the created solution to another company, use one of the following methods:

The solution can then be imported from the .e365 file to another company or imported just like a business solution and then unlocked.

To restrict access to unlocking the solution after it has been uploaded to another company, set a password.

A custom solution can be deleted.


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