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The solution combines several interconnected workspaces that refer to each other and solve common problems. For example, the solution for custom production combines the Orders, Warehouse, and Finance workspaces. You can import or export the solution to move multiple workspaces from one company to another, or upload them to the ELMA365 Store catalog.

The solution can include both custom and built-in workspaces (CRM, System apps). At the same time, a built-in workspace can be included in more than one solution.

Creating a solution

To create a solution, click Add Workspace in the left menu of the main page.

sol 1

In the window that opens, go to the Solutions tab and click Create.

sol 2

Next, name the solution. For example, Documents. Click Create solution.

You can now add workspaces to your solution. To do this, click + Workspace.

sol 3

A solution consisting of user workspaces includes all their appspages, separators, links, and business processes.

If your solution contains built-in workspaces, you can choose which apps or fields you want to download. To do this, click on the workspace name and mark the required apps. To go to the field selection, click on the pencil icon next to the app name.

All system fields are included into the solution by default. They cannot be deselected. You can only select custom fields.

Note that when adding built-in workspaces, the elements listed below are not included in the solution:

  • Business processes of the workspace level.
  • Document templates of the workspace level.
  • Groups and roles of the workspace level.
  • Counters of the workspace level.
  • Interfaces of the workspace level.

After you have specified all the settings, click Save.

The solution is ready. Now you can export, delete or edit it.

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