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A Link is a custom menu item that helps users quickly access a webpage or a web document. You can add a link to the menu of the main page or to that of a workspace.

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Only the users included in the Administrators group can create and edit links.

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Adding a Link

To add a new link to the main menu, click Add Workspace > Create or click Add in the workspace menu.

In the window that opens, select Create. Go to the Link tab.

link 36

Fill out the form.

link 1

  • Name*. The name of the link that will be displayed in the menu.
  • URL*. Specify the URL of the webpage that you want to add to the menu.
  • Icon. Select a suitable icon. Icons help users find links in the menu.
  • Open in a new window. Select Yes if you want the link to open in a new browser window. If you want the link to open in the current window, select No.
  • Visibility. Specify the users who will be able to see the link in their left menu. Later on, you can change the visibility settings if necessary.
    • Visible to everyone. All users of the system will see the link.
    • Only to administrators. Only users included in the Administrators group will see the link.

Editing Settings

You can edit a link's visibility, settings or delete the link from the menu.

To do that, click the gear icon app gear blue back to the right of the link's name and select the required option.

link 3


Select user groups who must be able to see the link in the menu and click Save to apply the changes.

link 4


You can edit the following fields: Name, URL, Icon, Open in a new window.

link 5

Deleting a link

In the pop-up, confirm that you want to delete the link.  

link 6

The link will be moved to the recycle bin. It will disappear from the menu and become unavailable to users.

To restore a deleted link, go to the recycle bin and click Restore next to the link's name.

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