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Main page

After logging in to the system, you will see the ELMA365 main page. Here you can start business processes, assign tasks, quickly navigate to the necessary system workspaces, and also customize your own widgets.


  • Task. In this workspace you can check your current tasks, tasks assigned by you and tasks where you were selected as a participant. You can also create tasks, delegate them to colleagues, set deadlines for work, and monitor task progress.
  • Messages. This workspace contains the Activity stream, channels, and chats. Here you chat with colleagues, share important information and files, always staying on top of the latest company events.
  • Files. Personal and corporate files and folders. In this workspace, you can create new folders and files, rename, move them to the recycle bin, etc. For each file and folder, you can configure individual access permissions.
  • Company. In this workspace, you will find a list of all the system users, the upcoming birthdays, the company hierarchy and schedule compliance reports. Here you check the absence schedule and your substitutions. Heads of departments have access to the My department workspace, showing their subordinates.
  • Administration. In this workspace, you create an organizational chart of the company, add users, model business processes, and configure settings of the business calendar and notifications. Only users included in the Administrators group can access this section.
  • My company. Use this workspace to create your first processes and discover the system’s functionality.
  • Deals management, Contracts, Internal Documents. These are the pre-installed workspaces that help to organize work in the company. These solutions contain ready-made business processes, customized scripts, statuses and title templates.
  • Add Workspace. Create a new workspace. Only users included in the Administrators group can access this section.
  • Configure Workspaces. Allows you to move workspaces in the left menu. Only users included in the Administrators group can access this section.
  • mp 3Click to go to the profile settings and to log out.
  • mp 4 Click this icon to remove the widget and change the page settings.

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