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Deal Dynamics

Deal Dynamics is an analytical tool for obtaining information about current state of deals in a selected pipeline. It allows you to track the number of deals at each stage of the pipeline and also displays data on deals that changed their stage or ended with success / failure in a selected period of time.

To generate a report on deal dynamics, go to the CRM workspace and open the Deal Dynamics page.

At the top of the page, select:

  • a period for which the report has to be configured
  • a pipeline
  • an employee responsible for deals in the current pipeline (this field can be left blank to display a report on all employees)

How to read the report

The names of the rows and the columns in the report correspond with the stages of the selected pipeline.

Color keys should be read like this:

  • on a green background – the number of deals with positive dynamics, those that have gotten closer to completion in a selected period of time
  • on a light-red background – the number of deals with negative dynamics, those that have returned to the previous stage
  • on a yellow background – the number of deals without dynamics
  • on a gray background – total amount of deals for a selected period of time

The previous stage is indicated in the row name, the current stage is indicated in the column name, at the intersection of these two there is a square with the number of deals. The bottom right cell indicates the overall statistics for the period.

If you click on one of the numbers in the report, in the window that opens you will see detailed information on each deal at the selected stage.

To go to a deal page, click on its name.

Report visibility

You can limit the range of employees who have access to the Deal dynamics report. To do that, configure its visibility. Click on the шестеренка icon to the right of its name and select Page visibility.  

In the window that opens, specify user groups, for example, “Managers”. Only these users will view Deal dynamics in the left menu of the CRM workspace.  


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