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The Revenues report provides information about the planned revenues for the selected pipeline. This allows you to forecast the amount of income for a certain period, analyze the revenues per employee and, for example, adjust the sales plan.

Generate the report

To generate a report, go to the CRM workspace and open the Revenues page.

At the top of the page, select:

  • a period for which the report has to be configured
  • a pipeline
  • an employee responsible for deals in the current pipeline (this field can be left empty to display a report on all employees)

Click on the Show button.

начало внимание

If a deal doesn’t have a specified budget or a planned due date, it will not be included in the report.

конец внимание

The report will display a list of all deals that will be completed in the selected period and correspond with other parameters. The budget of each deal and the grand total will be displayed separately.

To go to a Deal page, click on its name.

Report visibility

You can limit the range of employees who have access to the Revenues report. To do that, configure its visibility. Click the gear icon to the right of its name and select Page visibility.

In the window that opens, specify user groups, for example, “Managers”. Only these users will view Revenues in the left menu of the CRM workspace.

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