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Deal page

A deal's page stores all important information about the deal: the customer company name and contact person, the deal amount, current tasks, statuses, etc. You can change this layout as you wish by, for example, adding or deleting fields and making them required.



Activity stream

All the deal's history is shown on its activity stream on the left-hand side of the deal's page. Here the sales rep working with the deal can leave a comment, attach a file or discuss an issue with coworkers.


Deal activities

To the right of the activity stream you can see all the current and completed activities. You can schedule new activities by choosing them from the drop-down list.


Select the type of activity that you need, and assign an executor and a due date. To find out how these activities are displayed in the user interface, see CRM activities.

A phone call, meeting, webinar or a task can be completed right from the deal's page by clicking a corresponding button. In case an activity was unsuccessful, specify the cause, it will be shown on the activity stream.


Right panel

The panel on the right-hand side of a deal page is by default displayed on all the deal pages. Here you can see the details of the deal, reassign it, or change the pipeline.


Here you can see the essential information about the deal: the budget, estimated closing date, information about the company and contacts. You can add more fields to the panel depending on you needs. To learn how this can be done see Customize deal page.

Deal status

The right panel also displays the deal's current status. If changing statuses manually is enabled, the sales rep can click Change and select the required status from the list. In case the Lost status is selected, the system will ask the sales rep to specify the reason why the deal was lost. For more information on working with statuses, read Change deal status and close the deal.


Select pipeline

On the the status pane you can also move the deal to another pipeline. To do that, click Select pipeline. The deal will be moved to the selected pipeline with the New status.

To learn more about working with pipelines see Set up a pipeline.


You can also use the Pipeline widget to move deals between pipelines. In the Advanced Mode, add the widget to the right panel. It will then display the name of the current pipeline and the Change button.

To learn more about how to add a widget to a form, see Form templates.

Customize deal page

You can change the default layout of the deal page: delete or add fields, rearrange them, mark as required or read only.

Any changes you make will be applied to pages of all the deals across all the pipelines.

начало внимание

Please note that these settings are only available to the users included in the Administrators group.

конец внимание

Switch to editing the page by clicking the gear icon 6.png to the right of the app's name and select Form Settings.

A window will open displaying the list of all the fields used on the page. You can switch between tabs to change how the page looks when created, viewed or edited. For more information see Configure forms in advanced mode.



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