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Context tab

The Context tab displays all of the app's properties. Each property corresponds to a separate field where users enter data on the CreateView, and Edit pages. Each field is used to enter data of a specific type. For example, the Contractor field property has the Full Name type. On the app page, it will appear as a field for entering the contactor’s full name.


On the Context tab, you can add new properties and specify if you want a property to be used amongst the parameters in app item search. To do that, click +Add and fill in the fields:


  • Display Name*. The name of the property that will be displayed on the create, view and edit pages of app items.
  • Property Name*. It is generated automatically, and will be used for working with API requests, tables, and scripts. Note that you can change it only when creating the property.
  • Tip. Additional information that explains how to fill in the field on the create, view, or edit page. For example, Choose from the list or Enter the phone number in the following format: +49 2ХХ ХХХ ХХ ХХ.
  • Type*. Property type, for example, Date/Time.
  • Search and sort by field. If you check this box, the property will be used in app item search. For every app property with the Search and sort by field option enabled, an index is created in the PostgreSQL database;
  • Full text search. The value of the property will be used in full text search. This option only becomes available if you have checked the previous option.
  • Set a formula for the field. This option is only available for String, Number, and Money types. You can specify a formula so that the value of this field is calculated automatically. For more information, see Calculated fields.
  • Show only when a condition is met. You can hide or show certain fields depending on the conditions that you specify. For more information, see Calculated fields.

Please note, that the set of fields in this window may differ depending on the selected property type.

After you have filled out all the fields, click Create.

To delete a property, select it in the list and click Delete. If you wish to delete several properties, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, select the properties, and then click Delete.


After you configure the tab, click Save in the upper right corner.

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