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Activity stream

The Activity stream is a tool that allows employees share all relevant information promptly. It streamlines internal company communication in a familiar and convenient way. Here, you’ll find the latest updates from the information channels you participate in, as well as system notifications. In the Activity stream, you can view messages, comment on updates, leave reactions to them, share files, and assign tasks to other users.


Work with the Activity stream

The #Activity stream is the first thing you encounter when you open the Messages workspace. All unread posts in the Activity stream are highlighted yellow. Apart from posts by users, system notifications are also presented here. These notifications are auto-generated, for example, when a task is completed or reassigned, or in dealings with documents.

The most recent posts and associated comments always appear at the top of the Activity stream, ensuring you stay in the loop and receive essential updates promptly. To see all the latest news, click the Show All Messages button. If you have unread posts, they will be automatically marked as read.

You can add a post to the Featured for future reference. To do so, click the select-icon icon next to the post.

You can also react to a post or comment. Right-click on the entry and pick an emoticon.


To disable pop-up notifications about new posts in the Activity stream, click the speaker icon in the top right corner.

Comments in the Activity stream

You can comment on posts within the Activity stream and share important information with your colleagues. Your replies will appear in your their Activity streams and in the related channels.


Within the Activity stream, only the most recent comments on a post will be visible. To view the full thread, simply click on the post’s subject. The tag in the upper-left will guide you to the channel of the discussion.


Mentions in comments

Use the @mention function to draw someone’s attention to important posts. To mention someone, start typing the @ character, and a list of all users will appear. Type the first few letters of their name and select the desired colleague from the list.

The mentioned user will receive a pop-up notification about the new comment, even if they’ve turned off notifications for that channel.

In the post, the mentioned colleague’s first and last name will appear as a link. By clicking on this link, any participant in the discussion can send them a direct message or assign a task.

Additionally, you can use the @all option to mention all the participants of a channel. As a result, all colleagues will receive a pop-up notification about the message.

Share files

When adding a comment in the Activity stream, you can share a file. To do this, drag and drop it from a folder on your computer into the comment input field or click on the скрепка icon in the right corner of the field and select the desired file from the window that opens.


The attached file will be displayed next to your comment.


Hover over the file to choose from the available actions:

  • download-attachment-icon Download the file to your computer.
  • save-attachment-icon Select a folder from the Files workspace and save a copy of the document there.
  • Click on the blue area to open the file in view mode.

Tasks in the Activity stream

You can quickly assign a task to another user from the Activity stream.


Read more about it in Create a new task.

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