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Task search

To quickly find necessary information about the task, use the task search function. You can search by subject, author, and date.

Search by subject

To find a task, simply type its subject in the search box. The search will be performed through all the tasks or through the section you are currently browsing (My tasks, Assigned by me, Assisting).

task search 2

In the search results, you will see the task name, the author, and the deadline.

You can filter the search results. To do this, switch between the two options: Current (recent tasks) or All (current and completed tasks).

task search 1

Advanced search

To make search results more accurate, use advanced features. Click the three dots to the right of the search box and set additional parameters. For example, select the author or the executor of the task, or limit the search range by specifying the period when the task was created or completed.

task search 3

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