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Search tasks

To quickly find necessary information about the task, use the task search function. You can search by subject, author, start and due date as well as corresponding business process or app.

If you are planning to use the same set of search parameters on a regular basis, you can save it as filter.

Search by subject

To find a task, simply type its subject in the search box. The search will be performed through the section you are currently browsing: My tasks, Assisting, Assigned by me, CRM tasks, or through the tasks where you act as a participant.

task search 2

In the search results, you will see the task name, the author, and the deadline.

You can filter the search results. To do this, switch between the available options: Current (recent tasks) or All (current and completed tasks), Completed (completed CRM tasks).

task search 1

Search by parameters

To make search results more accurate, use advanced features. Click the advanced-search-icon icon to the right of the search box and set the parameters.


You can search by:  

  • Main fields: name, due date, executor of a CRM task;  
  • System fields: author, the date the task was created on.

  • Associated object. It can be an business process that includes the task you are looking for, or an app that the task is associated with. There are several ways to associate a task with an app:

Enter the name of the associated object manually or select one of the available ones by clicking the magnifying glass icon. You will see the fields of the associated process or app that have the Search and sorting option enabled. Use these fields to limit your search, for example, by specifying an exact date or a certain participant.

Please note that the Associated object option is not available for CRM tasks.

If you are planning to use the same set of parameters on a regular basis, you can save it as filter. Filters are saved individually by each user and are displayed in the advanced search window. To create a filter, open the search options, select the required parameters and click Save as Filter. In the pop-up, click Save. The saved filter will appear on the right-hand side of the search area.

To apply a filter, click on its name. All the tasks that match the search parameters will be displayed.

You can delete filters as well as rename them or change their order in the list. To do that, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the search window. Edit the name or click the bin bin_blue icon to delete the filter. To move a filter higher or lower in the list, click and hold the task_filter_4 symbol and drag the filter.

Click task_filter_5 to save the changes.

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