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Create a new task

A Task is one of the tools for organizing work within a company. Employees set deadlines and track tasks, exchange necessary information and documents, and do everything in order to achieve the intended results on time.

Create a task

There are three ways to create a new Task:


  • In the Tasks workspace.

Click the +Task button in the upper right corner.  



  • By clicking a user's name.

You can assign tasks to other users right in the activity stream or a chat. To do this, click the user's avatar or name. In the dialog box that opens, select Assign task.


  • On the page of an app item.


You can assign a task while viewing an app item. To do that, click the +Task button on the side panel.


A form for quick task creation will appear. To open a window with a full set of fields, click on the three dots.


  • Open a file for viewing.

You can create a task on a file from its page. To do this, click clip0244  in the upper right corner, then click +Task in the sidebar that opens.


The form for quick task creation will be displayed. To see the full set of task fields, click on the three dots next to the Deadline field.

On the task form, enter the task subject. It should be informative and clear. This will allow employees to easily navigate the task list.


Assign a task

In a task, you can specify three roles:

  • Executor. This is a user or a group of users responsible for the task. The executor is specified when assigning a task, but later the task can be reassigned to another user. Please note that if you select an employee who is currently absent, the task might be automatically reassigned to their substitute according to the substitution settings.
  • Approver. This is the person who will approve the task.
  • Participant. These are employees who help the executor to complete the task. They get all the notifications associated with it. You can select several participants for a task, but there is always only one executor.

Select the person responsible for the task. To do that, start typing a user’s name, name of a group, role, or org chart item in the Executor field, or click the magnifying glass icon to select a user.

Specify more than one executor when you want to assign the same task to several users at the same time and view the results in one place. For example, to ask all managers to prepare a report for a month.

Please note, that if you specify a group you belong to in the Executor field, the task is assigned to all its members except you. To include you in the list of executors, add yourself as a user.



If necessary, specify who will approve the task and add other participants. To do this, click +Approver and +Participants under the Executor field.


Task deadlines

You can specify when the task needs to be completed in the Due Date field.The specified date can be changed later. The entry about the change will be displayed in the task activity stream.

If you want the task to be assigned to an employee on a certain day and at a specified time, use the +Start date option.

Once the task is created, it is automatically added to the employees personal calendar. The event starts the same day as the task is assigned to the employee and ends when the task deadline expires.

If the task start date is not defined, the event will be scheduled for the date specified in the Due Date field.


Add task details

Task details can be specified in the Description field. Markdown is supported, so you can format the text.

In the Priority field, specify the urgency of the task. Select Low, Medium, High, or Number. For the Number option, you can specify any value, for example, from 1 to 100. Employees will be able to find tasks with a high priority using search and execute them first.

If you need to add an attachment to the task, use the Files field. Drag files from the PC or click on the field and select the files you need. You can also attach documents from the Files workspace. To do this, click the three dots icon in the right corner of the Files field and select a document.


Track task progress

You can easily control schedule compliance and check the results of work using the Control field. Choose one of the following options:

  • Notify when the task is completed. You will receive a notification  in the activity streamwhen the task is completed. If a task has multiple executors, you will receive a notification when all executors have completed their work..
  • Send for evaluation. When the responsible user completes the task, the system automatically assigns you a task to check the results. If there are several executors, the task is set when all executors have completed the work.
  • Not required. Select this option if you dont want to control the execution of the task.


Read more about the available options in the Task control article.

Edit a task

All tasks created by you are displayed in the Assigned by me section. To find a specific task, use the Task search.

By opening the task page, you can:

  • Reassign it to another executor.
  • Reschedule the due date.
  • Edit description, priority, and uploaded files.
  • Change the list of participants.

The changes are displayed in the task activity stream. To learn more, see Access to tasks and process instances.

Notifications about new tasks

By default, people see notifications about new tasks in the company's #activity stream.

Additionally, each user can manage their own notification settings in the user profile on the following tabs:

  • Notifications. On this tab you can disable notifications on tasks and change the mobile app notification settings;
  • Tasks. On this tab you can enable:
    • sending notifications on tasks to the email specified upon user registration;
    • making approval decisions directly from the received emails for file and app item approval tasks. Make sure that the administrator has set up corporate email for sending approval task notifications;
    • reminders about upcoming task deadlines.

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