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Control tasks

Schedule compliance is an important indicator that allows increasing company efficiency. In ELMA365, you can easily control schedule compliance and check the results of work. Control parameters are configured when creating a task.


In the Control field, select one of the available options: Notify when the task is completed, Send for evaluation, or Not required.

Below we describe in detail what each option provides.

Notify when the task is completed

Select this option if you want to receive a notification when a user completes a task. After the executor finishes his or her work and clicks the Done button, a message will appear in your activity stream.


If the executor leaves a comment, it will be displayed in the messages text.

Right from the message, you can easily open the task page. To do this, click on the task name in the upper right corner.

Send for evaluation

If you select this option, the system will assign you the task to check the results of the work performed.

task control 3

The Control task contains detailed information about the task: the executor, approvers, comments, deadlines, and files.

task control 4

If necessary, you can send the task back to the executor if you arent satisfied with the result. To do this, click the Reopen button.

The task will be considered completed and checked after you click on the Close Task button.

Not required

Select this option if you don't want to control the task.

Tasks created by you

In the Assigned by me section, you can check the progress on the tasks you assigned, leave a comment, or cancel a task if necessary.

task control 5

To find a task, use the search function. Click on the task name to open the task page. It provides information about the executor, participants, and deadlines. You can also view the attached files or the associated activity stream.

If the task is created during a business process, its page includes the same tabs as an instance summary page: History, Context, and Process Map. On the side panel, you can see the business process’s parameters: the link to its current version, the date and time when the current instance started, and the process initiator.


On the task pages, you can see the following buttons:

  • Interrupt process. This option cancels the task and interrupts the process.
  • Update version. Click this button to update the business process’s version and apply the recent changes to the task. This option is only available to users included into the Administrators group.

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