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Task page

Select a task from the list and open it. The task page opens.

It contains all the information necessary to get the work done: task description, attachments, due dates, participants, author and task progress.

The person who assigned the task can edit its details by clicking the pencil next to the field that needs editing. An entry about the changes made will be posted to the task's activity stream.

On the page side panel, you can see the task current status. When the task is done, the status will change from In progress to Completed. Tasks created in the course of a business process have a button for viewing the process map.

The fullscreen-button icon on the top of the task page opens the task is full-screen mode.

On the task page you can also create a subtask or a checklist by clicking +Task. Read more in Subtasks and checklists.

The task executor can set a reminder about the task. To do that, click +Reminder on the side panel and specify the date and time that you want a notification to be sent to your Activity stream.

To see all the available task actions, click on the three dots in the top right corner.


Please note that all the actions from the menu are available only to the task executor. The task's author can only reassign the task and change the dates and the participants list.

Reassign a task

Sometimes you may need to delegate a task to a colleague. And if you are a department head, it is probably your daily routine to distribute tasks among department employees.

Click Reassign in the task menu and select a new executor in the window that opens.


To do this, start typing a username in the Executor field or click the magnifying glass icon. You can also change the task due date or leave a comment.

Also, you can reassign several of your tasks at the same time, for example, when going on a business trip and delegating your tasks to a coworker. To do that, go to your tasks, select all the ones that you want to reassign and click Reassign. Select the new executor in the pop-up.

Change the participants list

Both the author and the executor of the task can add other users to the list of task participants. Read more about this role in the Creating new task article.

Change dates

If necessary, the task author or task executor can change the task's due date. If the task has not started yet, the start date can also be edited.


Reschedule in the calendar

As the task is added to the calendar you can reschedule it for another day and time. This time days does not have to coincide with the task start and end dates, it simply determines the time you want to dedicate to working on this exact task.

Let's say your superior assigns you with a task that should be completed until November 23. You take a look at your schedule and decide that you have time to work on this new task from November 19 to November 21. These are the dates that you will specify when adding the task to your calendar. If needed, you can remove the task from the calendar.


The tasks added to the calendar are included in the total number of current events for the day.

This way, the calendar shows you exactly how your time is distributed between different activities, and you can easily plan your work taking into account all the meetings and events scheduled in the calendar.

Task progress

In order to inform all the task participants about the task progress, the executor can specify the completion percentage for the current moment. To do that:

  1. Select the task in the task list and open its page.
  2. Open the percentage window. There are several ways to do so:
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the page and select Change task progress.


  • Click on the progress bar in the top right corner of the page.

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  1. In the provided window, drag the slider to the right or to the left in order to change the completion percentage.

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  1. Enter a comment that will then be shown in the task's activity stream. Click Save.


View process map

On the page of a business process task you can open the process instance map. The button is available to the administrators, the creator of the process instance, and the executor with the access to edit the business process.

To open the process map, click the icon process-map-button in the top right corner of the task page.


Using the map, you can keep track of the completed and pending tasks. The completed tasks and their connectors are highlighted in blue, the current operations are outlined in green.

Discuss a task

The bottom part of the page displays the Activity stream. Here you can discuss task-related issues, ask the task creator for more details, add a comment or attach a document.

The Activity stream also stores the entire task history: reassignments, modification of the list of participants or due dates.

All the messages are posted to the Activity stream of all the users participating in the task: author, executor, participants, and approvers.

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Complete a task

After you complete the work, click the Done button in the lower left corner of the task page.

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The task will no longer be shown in My Tasks when the Active filter is selected. However, it can always be found in the list of all tasks, where it will be displayed crossed out.


начало внимание


When a coworker completes a task assigned by you, it will appear crossed out in your Assigned by me section.

конец внимание

If for some reason the task cannot be completed, click Cannot be done. The author of the task will receive a notification, and he or she will be able to take the necessary measures to solve the situation in a timely manner.

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The author of the task can track its execution. In this case, after the task is completed, the author will receive a notification that the work has been done. The author can also check the achieved results. Read more in the Task control article.

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