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Widget builder for pages

Pages are interface elements for working in ELMA365. By using widgets you can configure user-friendly pages and provide users with such convenient tools as calculators, reports, buttons, links, etc.

начало внимание

Only the users included in the Administrators group can create and customize pages and widgets.

конец внимание

There are several ways to add a widget to a page:

  • in the simple page editor;
  • in the interface designer;
  • by using a page or widget that has already been created and published in the interface designer.

Simple page editor

The simple editor is used when you need to fill a page up with simple widgets, for example, to display text, a chart, a table, incoming phone calls, etc.

To start working in the editor:

  1. Create a page. Then click Add widget.


  1. Select a widget, set it up, and click Save. The widget will be displayed in the simple page editor.
  2. To add another widget, click add-widget3 and select a widget from the list.
  1. After you have added all the widgets that you need, click Finish editing in the top right corner of the page. The page with widgets will be saved.
  2. To return to the simple editor, click Edit page in the top right corner.


Interface designer

In the interface designer, you can add widgets that are not available in the simple editor. Moreover, you can create your own custom widgets, for example, by implementing a script and introducing complex logic.

To do that:

  1. Create a page and click the Add widget button.
  2. In the provided window, click Create custom widget:


If you already have a page, open it, click 360026749352-12 in the top right corner, and select Widget Builder. The interface designer will open.


  1.  Add the widgets, set them up, save and publish the page.

Please note that in the interface designer you can add any widget to pages except for the side panel widgets. They are meant for forms only.

Use existing widgets

When creating a page, you can add widgets and pages created earlier that have been published in Administration > Interfaces.

To do that:

  1. Create a page and click Add widget.
  2. In the provided window, in the Custom section you will see all the pages and widgets created earlier. Select one, set it up, and click Save.


If you have selected a previously created page, you will be able to edit it only by opening the interface designer in Administration > Interfaces. If you have selected a custom widget, you can edit it directly on the page in the simple editor. Please note that all the changes you make will be applied everywhere where the the widget or page is used.


Edit and remove widgets

To edit or remove a widget, select it and click the gear or the recycle bin icon in the top right corner.

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