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ELMA365 for desktop

You can work in ELMA365 using our desktop application and easily switch between the application and your browser because the system interface is identical.


Download and install the application

To download the desktop application, go to your user settings in the top right corner of ELMA365.

Screen Shot 12-01-20 at 03.43 PM

In the list on the left-hand side, select ELMA365 Application.


Download the version for your operating system and run the ELMA365.exe file.


In a few moments, you will see the sign-in window.


Enter your email and password for authentication.

Select the company.

Now, you can see the Activity stream. The app is ready.


Working with the ELMA365 desktop application

The ELMA365 desktop application will send you push notifications whenever you receive a notification in the system even if your browser is closed, so you never miss an important message.

You can always minimize the application to tray. It will continue working and sending you notifications. To do that, open the Application menu and click Minimize to Tray:



In the same menu, you can minimize the window, open the full-screen mode, view logs, close the application, sign out of your account, or open ELMA365 in a browser.

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