System settings > ELMA365 licenses / Licensing


You can manage licenses in the Administration > License management section. License settings become available after the free trial period ends.

In this section, users with the Administrator privileges can:

  • Get the information about active and unoccupied licenses.
  • Renew a subscription (for SaaS)
  • Review payments and bills
  • Edit the Priority log in user group. This setting is available only if the mixed license plan is used. Users in this group will use  named licenses and will be able to sign into the system at any time. Other users will use the floating licenses.
  • Specify a session duration for floating license users. By default, the session in ELMA365 lasts for seven days. This means that the session will remain active until the user explicitly closes it by signing out of the account. Lots of incomplete sessions cause a high server load. In addition, unoccupied licenses may run out. To avoid such situations, you can limit the time of the active session.

Licensing settings

To edit the Priority log in user group and change user session time, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Administration > License management section. In the window that opens, configure necessary settings.


Priority log in. Click the pencil icon next to this setting and edit the list of group members. The number of users in the list cannot exceed the number of named licenses. You can edit the list in the same way as a regular group of users. Also, you can configure this group in the Administration > Groups > System groups section.


Session inactivity timeout in minutes. Specify for how long a user session should stay idle to be forcibly closed by the system. It can be three hours, for example. The maximum timeout is five hours.


If users who are logged into the system under a floating license perform no actions for the specified period of time, their sessions will be frozen.


Meanwhile, the license that this user occupied will become available for the other employees.


If the user needs to restore the frozen session, the system will check for unoccupied licenses. If there are any, the session will be restored. If not, the session will be forcibly closed, and the user will be notified about it. Please note that in this case you can lose unsaved data (document, app items, etc.).  

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