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ELMA365 licenses

ELMA365 offers several types of licenses:

  1. Named license

The named license is bound to a specific system user. The named license can be used only with the account to which it is bound, even if the user is not logged into the system. The advantage of this type of licensing is providing the user with uninterrupted system access.

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The amount of purchased user licenses equals the number of users available for invite or import.

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  1. Floating license

This license type is not linked to a specific system user. It determines the number of users that can work in the system simultaneously. When the limit is reached, other users will not be able to log into the system. However, the total number of invited users is not limited. This license type is convenient for users who do not need to be logged in all the time. For example, users who log in only to complete a particular task. Thus, several people can use the floating license by turn during the day.

  1. Mixed license

You can combine the named and floating license plans. For example, you can purchase 10 named and 50 floating licenses. If you select this plan, you should create the Priority log in user group and set the limit equal to the number of purchased licenses. Users in this group will be able to sign into the system at any time. The other users will use the floating license. Thus, certain employees will have uninterrupted system access while others will be able to access the system in turn.

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The system supervisor occupies a license just like a regular user.

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Activate additional licenses

You can find the complete information about your license plan in the Administration > License management section.

If you need to buy more user licenses, contact your ELMA365 manager or partner. They will calculate the price of your order.


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