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Sign app item

This widget is used to sign app items using a qualified signature. It appears on the top panel of a document’s form as the sign-button button. It is displayed only when:

Widget settings

To configure the widget, open the interface designer, select the Sign app item widget, and click the gear icon.

Main tab


  • App item*. The value is assigned automatically based on the app you are working with.
  • Signature type. Specify what the user will sign (the app’s attributes or the file) when clicking the Sign button by checking the boxes.
    • Choosing Attributes or File or enabling both. The option you check will be required. The user won’t be able to change the signature type on the app item’s page, only to select the digital signature provider and the certificate.
    • Disabling both options. The user will be able to choose the signature type on the app item’s page.

Link the field with a context variable. The signature type will depend on the value of the variable you select. The user won’t be able to change it. To link the field with a variable, click the link-icon icon, then click the <Undefined> link and select a Category type variable from the list. The variable needs to have two values: Attributes (code: attributes) and File (code: file). Read more about configuring the variable below.

Configuring the context variable

System tab

System settings are similar for all widgets. They allow you to set the widget’s visibility and access permissions, configure the widget’s behavior when the user hovers over it, etc. Read more about these settings in the System widget settings article.

To finish configuring the widget, click Save and then Publish on the interface designer toolbar.

Delete the widget

To delete the widget from the form, open its Settings, click the recycle bin icon, and confirm deletion.

You can add a deleted widget back to the form. To do that, drag it from the side panel of the interface designer to the canvas or use the +Widget button. Read more in the Form templates article.

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