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Ready-made document routes

In ELMA365, you can send files and app items to your colleagues for approval or review. In this article, we have described how to work with files. Here you will learn how to familiarize users with app items or send them for approval.

Getting users familiarized with an app item

Let's say, a company stores all regulatory documents, memos and guidelines in a separate app. Sometimes it is necessary to familiarize employees with these documents, for example, when onboarding a new hire. In some cases, it is also required to indicate that a document has indeed been read.  

In ELMA365, you can easily send an app item to a user for them to view or read. Also, you can create a list of informed users mentioning all the employees who have viewed the item.

To send an app item to a user, click on the send icon on the top of the page and select For information.


You can select multiple recipients. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the Recipients field and select the users from the list, or you can start typing a user's name and the system will show you all matching variants.


Check the Show who viewed the document/app after it is sent box if you want all the informed users to be listed on the right panel of the app item. You can download this list as .xlsx file by clicking the list icon.

If necessary, you can add a comment.

The recipient will see a message in their #activity stream containing a link to the app item. Once they have read the message, it will be indicated that they are now informed.


The approval feature is useful if your company's policies imply that a superior approves a document before it is sent to a customer or taken into work. For example, before sending an invoice to a customer, the sales rep first gets the invoice approved by the head of sales. All the information about the approvers and the final decision is added to the invoice's page.

To send the invoice for approval, open the item's page. In the top right corner click on the send icon and select For approval.


You can send the invoice to one or to several approvers. In the case of one approver, simply select the employee's name in the list and click Send.

When selecting several approvers, you need to define the logic of the approval procedure.


First, select the approval type:

Parallel. The document/app item is sent to all the approvers simultaneously. Select this type if the sequence of approval is irrelevant.

Sequential. The system sends the document/app item to the first approver. Once he or she makes a decision, the document/app item is sent to the next person. The process does not go further until the first approver either approves or rejects the document/app item.

начало внимание

The system sends the app item to approvers in the same sequence as you have selected the employees in the Approvers field.

конец внимание

Next, decide how the system should operate after the first rejection:

Interrupt. If the submitted document/app item is rejected, the process shall be interrupted. The document's/item's page will feature the Rejected decision.

Continue. Even if one of the approvers rejects the document/app item, the process will not be interrupted and the document will be sent to the next approver. The document's/item's page will feature the Rejected decision.

After setting up the logic, specify the approval due date and click Send.

ELMA365 will automatically assign a task to approve the document/app item to all the employees specified as approvers. A new section named Approval Sheets will appear on the right pane of the item page. Here you will see a list of employees who are reviewing the item and their decisions. Until an approver makes a decision to approve or reject a document, a question mark will be displayed next to their name.


When the approval process ends, you will see the final decision on the document's/app item's page.


You can download the approval sheet as an .xlsx file, if necessary. To do that, click on the document icon doc-export-icon to the right of the decision.

The downloaded sheet can then be printed and, for example, attached to the document's hardcopy. The xls sheet shows the document's name, the list of approvers and their decisions, as well as decision time and comments.


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