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App Item Permissions

item_permissionsWe often need to give a user additional access to a specific app item in a business process.


Say the lawyer needs to edit some contracts, although he or she has no corresponding permissions in the “Contracts” app. The swimlane that contains the lawyers’ task allows viewing the contract only.However, additional privileges are required to edit the contract.


We can efficiently resolve the issue by using the App Item Permissions activity.

начало внимание

Please note that the Restrict access to data > Restrict access to app items option must be enabled in the app access setting for the corresponding app item.

конец внимание



Drag the activity on the process diagram and place it where required by process logic. In the contract approval process described earlier, let’s place it just before the point where the lawyer will review the contract.


Double-click on the activity to open the settings window. Specify the activity name and fill in the following fields:



  • In the Object field, specify the variable that contains the app item you need to access. If the variable not exists, click Create a new variable.You can change some variable settings such as the display name and sorting options by clicking Change variable settings.
  • In the User field, specify the user you want to give permissions.
  • In the Permissions field, select the necessary permissions for the user. You have the Read, Edit, Delete, Manage permissions options.


In our example, we selected the Contract variable to store the document in the business process.Then, we selected the lawyer in the User field and gave him permission to read and edit the app item.


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