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Access Settings

ELMA365 provides flexible access settings for apps and app items.

Access permissions to an app can be configured depending on the employee's position or role. For example, a sales manager can create, edit or delete items in the Deals app, whereas a sales rep can only view them.

Configuring Access

To manage access settings, click the gear icon app gear icon to the right of the app's name and select Access Settings.


The Access Settings page will open. The default option is All users have access to the app and all its items. This means that any user in the system can create, view, edit and delete app items.


If you wish to restrict access and grant it only so certain users, select Restrict access to data.  

Access restriction

When the Restrict access to data option is enabled, you can select users and specify which actions they are allowed to perform with app items.


There are two ways to restrict access to app items:

  1. Restrict access to app. If you select this option, the access settings will be applied to all the items of the app.
  2. Restrict access to app items. If you select this option, access can be configured individually for each item. Also, the author of the item can be added as the object for configuring permissions.

Types of access permissions:

  • View/Read. Users can view and load the app item. Items of the Document type can be downloaded to PC.
  • Create. Users can create new app items.
  • Edit. Users can edit the existing items, change their names. In case of Document type items, add file versions.
  • Delete. Users can delete app items.
  • Assign Permissions. Users can grant permissions and limit access to app items for other users. This option is available only if the Restrict access to app items is enabled.
  • Full Access. All the above mentioned actions are allowed.

Restrict access to app

Click +Add to select an object to assign permissions.


In the provided window, select a user, a user group or an org chart item.


After adding the object, select the permissions that must be available for this user/users and click Save.


Restrict access to app items

If this option is enabled, first, set up the access permissions common for all the items. Then, on the app's page, configure permissions for each item individually.

начало внимание

Only the users with the Assign Permissions option enabled can manage access to individual app items.

конец внимание

The common access permissions are set up as described above. Note that they automatically apply to each item created in the app and cannot be revoked.  

acs 7

To set up access to a specific item, open the app and then open the item's page. Click on the lock icon in the top right corner.  

acs 8

In the opened window, you will see two sections: Common permissions for app items and Specific permissions.

acs 9


  • Common permissions for app items.

Here you can see the access permissions as configured for all the app items. These permissions cannot be changed.

  • Specific permissions.

Here you can assign access permissions to employees not included in the first section. Click +Add and select a user, a user group or an org chart item in the provided window. acs 10

After adding the objects, specify their access permissions and click Save.

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