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ChatDesk reports

ChatDesk reports help analyze the performance of your Live Chats. You can check the efficiency of operators for each Live Chat and assess the volume of incoming requests.

The reports are named Operators, Live Chats, and Traffic.


Let's look at each of them in detail.


This report displays the performance of each operator in the selected Live Chat.

To generate the report, select a Live Chat, specify one or several operators, and the reporting period. You can also select how you want to break down the information: by day, by week or by month.

For example, if you select the Month option and enter the dates from January 1 to April 1, you will see a bar chart with four columns, one for each month. If you select the Week option, the data will be broken down by week within the specified dates.

Click Create report.


You will see the average acceptance delay time and session lifetime for the selected Live Chat. Also, separate tabs will display the following operator metrics:

  • Acceptance delay time. How long it takes the operator to accept a session.
  • Response time. The time between the moment the operator accepts a session and responds to the message in the session.
  • Wait time. The average time between the operator's replies to the customer.
  • Session lifetime. Average duration of a session before it is closed.

To see the average acceptance delay time for each bar in the chart, hover the mouse over it.

The table below the chart shows individual indicators for each operator in the live chat.


Live Chats

This report shows the overall performance of Live Chats.

To generate it, specify the reporting period and click Create report. You will see the average data for all the live chats over the specified period, and for each Live Chat individually.


The following metrics are displayed:

  • Average acceptance delay time. How quickly the sessions in this Live Chat are accepted by operators.
  • Average response time. The average response time of operators working in this Live Chat.
  • Processed requests. The total number of received and processed customer requests.
  • Maximum waiting time. The maximum response timeout.
  • Average session time. The average duration of sessions in the selected Live Chat.



This report shows how many customers have contacted you in the Live Chat. It allows you to visually track the number of requests across different sources. This report has two tabs: Active Live Chats and Requests.

Active Live Chats tab

On the Active Live Chats tab, you can select either one live chat or leave the All option.


This tab displays all the contacts, communication channels, and designated operators. New customers in the contact list are marked with the New icon.

You can generate a report for all the live chats or select a specific one from the Live Chat list.

Requests tab

This tab displays the total number of customer requests. Specify the period and how you want to break down the information: by day, by week or by month. Then click Create report.



The report includes:

  • Total number. Number of requests in all the Live Chats over the selected period;
  • By Live Chat. Number of requests in each Live Chat;
  • By source. Number of requests received through each source.

To see the exact number of requests in reach bar of the chart, hover the mouse over it.

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