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Work in a Live Chat

When someone sends a message to a Live Chat, all operators of this Live Chat receive an alert, and a counter of new request appears in the lower left corner of the main page.


  1. The red counter on the ChatDesk workspace icon shows unread and unassigned sessions, depending on the employee's role. An operator will see the number of unread sessions. A supervisor will see the total number of unassigned sessions. An employee who is both an operator and a supervisor will see the total number of unread and unassigned sessions in all the live chats.
  2. The blue counter at the bottom of the page shows the operators the total number of new unassigned sessions in their Live Chats.
  3. The red icon next to the session name indicates the number of unread messages in that session.
  4. The New icon is placed opposite an unassigned session in the general list of sessions.

Session page

To reply to an incoming message in a new session, any available operator can click the blue counter in the bottom left corner of the page. The chat session page opens.


The menu on the left displays all the sessions to which the current user has access. Sessions in any Live Chat are broken down into several groups:

  • Active Sessions. All the sessions within the Live Chat. This group is only available to supervisors.
  • Closed Sessions. Resolved sessions.
  • Queue. New unassigned sessions.
  • My Sessions. Sessions assigned to the current user.

In the center of the page, the dialog between the operator and the client is displayed. To the right of the message you can see the instant messenger icon the client contact you from.

To close the session, click the Close session button in the top right corner of the chat. The chat history will be saved in the system and will be shown in the chat the next time this client sends a message to the live chat.

Information about the session

To the right of the chat is the Information about the session panel. You can see the name of the Live Chat,  operator,  date of the first message, and information about the customer. Also, here you can rename the session.

The Assign operator button circle-arrows is available for supervisors and operators. Using it, you can re-assign the session to another person .
The apps that you selected in Live Chat settings for registering customers and their requests are also shown on the side panel. To add an item for these apps, click +Bind, then either select an existing item or create a new one by clicking + .

If an ELMA365 user sends a message to a Live Chat, his or her name will be shown in the Internal client field. For this field, adding bound app items is impossible.


Search Live Chats

At the top of the Live Chats workspace is the search bar. By default, the search is performed by chats and messages:

  • if a specific session is open, then the search will be performed by its name and by the history of messages in this chat;
  • if no session is open, then the search will be performed only by session names.

Other that that, the search is performed in the same way as in chats in the Messages workspace.

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