CRM / Standard Objects

Standard Objects

The Object section stores auxiliary data used by the other CRM apps. For better usability, the data are presented as lists and tables. Only ELMA365 users with appropriate privileges can create new items in the Objects section.


In this section you also can:


  • create a list of Products provided by your company. You can bind items of the Product object to the items of the Leads app. For example, when adding a lead, you can specify the product the lead is interested in.


  • specify Industries and Segments the businesses of your contractors belong to. Using these objects, you can find the companies the most interested in your products. Industries and Segments objects are linked to the Companies app.  When creating items in this app, you can select the necessary item from the bound objects.


  • add Marketing activities. On a marketing activity page, you can assign tasks to other employees and use the activity stream to discuss questions related to this activity.


  • specify Lead sources. They can be incoming calls, a web form on your site, a mailing list. The information collected in Lead sources can help you to understand which promotion channels that your company uses is the most effective.


The Objects and apps are the same things, so you can configure objects as a usual app: set up business processes and custom forms, restrict access to data, add action buttons, etc. To open the object settings, click the gear icon next to the corresponding object’s name. By default, the object’s items are displayed as a table. You can switch to the Kanban Board view by clicking the  button at the top of the page.


Adding an item to an Object

The ways to add new items are the same for all the objects. You can either create new items manually or add them automatically using API.  


Read more about adding new items through API in the Introduction to Web API article.


In the Objects section you can add new items manually in two ways:


  1. Select an app and open its page. Then click the +Item Name button in the upper right corner of the page. It can be +Industry, for example.


  1. On an item’s page in a bound app click the +Create button or the clip0068icon.  For example, when you create a company you also can create an industry the company belongs to.



When you create a new item in the Objects section the only field you must fill in is Name. The other fields can be specified later.